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1954-59    Varvakion Model High SchoolAthens

                 Sciences Section


1954-58    Greek-American Cultural InstituteAthens

                 English language course


1956-57    Institut Français d'Athènes, Athens

                 French language course


1960-62    Goethe InstitutAthens

                 German language course






1960-66    National Technical UniversityAthens

                 School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering,

                 Industrial Engineering Section.


1974-77    University of Paris VIII, Department of Sociology






1969-70    Economics University of Athens

                 Post-Graduate Section on Management Science


1974-77    School of Higher Studies in the Social SciencesParis.

                 Department of Political Sociology (director: Raymond Aron).

                Course: Sociology of Self-Management (director: Yvon Bourdet)


1973-77    University of Paris IX Dauphine

                Post-Graduate Unit of Teaching and Research on Management Sciences,

                Doctoral Section of Organization Science, Doctoral course, 2 years full-time

                Professors: Jacques Delors, Michel Rocard, Max Pages etc.

                Theoretical courses: Management I (Business Administration),

                Management II (General and Analytical Accounting), Macroeconomics,  

                Microeconomics, Social Psychology, Business Law, Data Processing, English


                Research workshops: "Sociology of Participation", "Labour relations in the

                English-speaking  countries", "Modern contractual practices in management".

                Doctoral thesis (Doctorat d'Etat) on "Management and industrial democracy. A

                critique of models" under Professor Lucien Sfez.

                Jury: Jacques Attali, Jacques Austruy, Allain Cotta, Jean-Pierre Gilli, Lucien Sfez






1969         Greek Productivity CenterAthens.

                 Course in Computer Accounting.


1977-79    Workshops and courses on modern management methods

                 (psychological, physical, behavioural etc.).

                 Courses in various Universities in Paris.

                 Workshops on various forms of dance (French, African, European folk etc.)


1978-82    Courses on Greek folk dance in various performing companies: Dora Stratou

                 Theater, Lyceum of Greek Women, Rhodes Folk Dance Theater etc.



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